Enneagram Teaching

Current gatherings in a time of physical distancing & social solidarity:

Introduction to the Enneagram Series:  Late June-July 2023
Advanced Enneagram Series:  July-August 2023
Contact Carol for details:   cmhovis@gmail.com 

Past Workshops,  Retreats & Gatherings:

Series:  Mental Fixations & Holy Ideas, Winter 2023
Advanced Enneagram Series: Arrows, Fall 2022
Advanced Enneagram Series, Summer 2022
Helping Professionals & The Enneagram, April-May 2022
Introduction to the Enneagram Series, April-May 2022
Enneagram Part Two: Subtypes & Arrows, January-March 2022
Enneagram Type Eight Series: January-March 2022
Enneagram Type Seven Series: September-October 2021
Introduction to the Enneagram:  All Nine Types,  Oct-Nov 2021
Enneagram Type Five Series: July -August 2021
Enneagram & Discernment: All 9 Types, June 2021
Enneagram Type Two Series: April-May 2021
Enneagram Type Four Series:  April-May 2021
Enneagram Type Nine Series:  April-May 2021
February-March 2021: Enneagram Type One Series
January-March 2021:  Enneagram Type Three Series
Dec. 2020-February. 2021 Series:  Enneagram Type Six 
Fall 2020 Series:  Enneagram Type Nine Series
Fall 2020 Series: Disrupting White Fragility & White Supremacy 
Summer 2020 Virtual Series: Reclaiming Our Holy Idea
Summer 2020 Virtual Enneagram Gatherings
June 2020 Virtual Enneagram Gatherings
April-May 2020 Zoom Enneagram Gatherings
February-March 2020 Enneagram gatherings
January 25, 2020, Retreat, AVL, NC
January 18, 2020,  Retreat, AVL, NC
September 21, 2019, Retreat, AVL, NC
August 31st Retreat, Asheville, NC
August 21st Retreat, Fairfax, VA
Saturday, April 27, 2019 retreat, AVL, NC
Saturday, March 9, 2019 enneagram retreat, AVL, NC
Saturday. February 9. 2019 retreat, Williamsburg, VA
Saturday, January 12, 2019 Enneagram Retreat, AVL, NC
November 1, 2018 Enneagram Workshop, Fairfax, VA
September 29, 2018 Enneagram Workshop, AVL, NC
August 28, 2018, Enneagram Workshop, Fairfax, VA

Certified to teach the enneagram, I offer classes, workshops, retreats, trainings for individuals, organizations and congregations.  I also offer one-on-one typing interviews.

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