Stand down

Dear white siblings, be not fooled.  When the President of the U.S. and Entourage, (learn their names and positions of power) impulsively decided to walk across the street from the White House to a House of God, their instincts reveal White Supremacy to its very core.  The videos and photos portray it pure & simple.

If any of the 5-7 white people who walked the hundred plus yards had stopped to acknowledge the humanity, the dignity, the presence of the protestors, the media, the police, their actions would have illustrated faithfulness.

Instead, they were blindly focused on their goal, which was to cross the street, stand in front of a church none of them attend, hold up a Bible as if it were the Flag, and blasphemy the best of our religious institutions and disgrace the executive branch of the US government.

White siblings, it’s time to stand down.  To put down our practices of power hoarding and believing there is only one right way.  It’s been killing brown & black bodies for 400 years and it’s killing us.


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